Monday, 30 July 2012

most beautiful girls

Hello salala viewers !  today i am going to present  to you the most beautiful girls( personal choice). this post has been made from afrodite,  as you can see  there is no Angelina jolie in our list so laura is not taking part in that hehehe . in tomorrow's post laura will show you who she considers the most beautiful women !  you are going to see how different choices we have ! i believe that those women are also beautiful without make up...  so lets beggin!!
                                       10th candice swanepoel

9th Sienna miller

8th  natalie portman

7th zang ziyi

6th eva mendes

5th marion cotillard

4th bar rafaelli

3 milla kunis

jessica hart

1st sarah shani

Saturday, 28 July 2012

protect your hair

                         protect your hair 

Hello salala people ! We are back with a very useful post.Summer is one of the best season's but what will you do when you gonna see your hair destroyed from the sun? How can you protect them from loosing their natural shine?Here are some products we recommend to you from. We have used them too and they are effective for any kind of hair , long ,short, natural and coloured

most of those products are from schwarzkopf 

A cream fluid to repair sun-stressed hair ends and protect from damage caused by UV rays, salt, sand and chlorine. Provides a brilliant shimmering shine

  • Hair tips are nourished, sealed and protected against UV rays and free radicals
  • Split ends are prevented and combability is improved
  • Hair ends are soft and shiny
price : 15 euro

Introducing BC Sun Protect: now there is a way to enjoy sun-kissed hair all year round
                                                                                            price: 13 euro

bc bonacure sun protect oil :  for intensive nourishment shine and protection 
price : 25 EURO

here are some of the best oils for hair ! they are effective they make your hair shine and they also smell PERFECT!!!

bc miracle oil   
price: 20 euro

this is a small miracle ! kerastase elixir ultimate oil is absolutely unique . it makes your hair extremely shiny and silky 
                                                                                          price : 35 euro 
                                                                                     ALLA AKSIZEI !!!! hehe

laura and afro xxx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Afrodite Vs Laura

    Hey salala viewers today as you have seen from the title the salala team is on a battle!! But the rules are completely unique since it's a style battle!!They will create outfits not for them self but for each other (tricky)  In addition the looks have to reflect the honest perception they have for one another. Let's see what they have come up with .....

                                               LAURA'S OUTFITS FOR AFRODITE 

                This is what Afrodite will usually wear:

           This is what Laura would like to see her wearing : 

Laura's comments: So the first outfit is what Afrodite will usually wear for a drink out in town .She often chooses wide fitted jeans(since she has an amazing collection ) and pairs them with high platform shoes ,white wide fitted tops and simple gold accessories . The main focus of any of her outfits is usually THE BAG !!! I really like this look since it's elegant,simple and feminine without trying too much. However I would really like to see her wearing something more sexy and embracing her amazing hour-glass figure.My inspiration for the second outfit was definitely Kim Kardashian.I have chosen a fitted (yes fitted) white dress and really high Louboutin shoes with studs details (even though I know that she is not fun of statement heels) and have kept the expensive branded bag in the look !!

                                                  AFRODITE'S OUTFITS FOR LAURA 

  This is what Laura will usually wear :   Aww wel lets practise my english ! Laura definitely beats me at that but let's give a tryyyyyyy anyway DAH. Laura has her own special style:she always wears high waisted shorts which suits her well, combined with a short t-shirt ( when she wear this kind of shirts you can not overlook her 4 packs .GOSH AMAZING ) . She prefers big necklaces as they are in fashion the last 2 years ,also she likes a lot golden rings and bracelets( she has unlimited rings and bracelets )Her favourite shoes are the boots of jeffrey cambel yeah I know they are in fashion but excuse me if I do not agree with thattttttt!!!! I like the simple one as the one in the picture ! Finally she likes a lot leather vintages bags and I have to say that this kind of style is very nice but can u imagine me with a short shorts and tshirt ..??? 

This is what Afrodite would like to see her wearing:

Afrodite's comments: Here is a more grown up style that I want to see Laura in. It is obviously out of our daily life as students but when she will grow up it is definitely the best style she would ever have as a business woman !! salalalalala
She has a great figure she is so slim and muscular that this versace dress will suit her absolutely perfect.         ( laura ur favourite dress from versace latest show!) . I know that she loves studs .. so lets put jeffreys campbell studs in those louboutins. Furthermore she is a mulberry lover so that red leather bag will certainly be in her wardrobe in few years!!!!!! Golden rings and necklaces are already her favourites so here we have some more pieces.

laura and afrodite 
hope the best

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Getting to know the salala team

          Hey salala people we have decided to share some personal pictures of the salala team so you can get to know us even better !!!

          Here we have  Afrodite (1/2 of salala team )

and here Laura (the other 1/2 of the salala awesome team).

Let's go back in time with pictures of us together grooving the 'salala' way in high school 

Unfortunately we don't see each other that often any more since we currently live in different countries.Nevertheless we manage to keep in touch and this is the most recent picture of us chilling together in a beach in Greece !!

Thank you so much and don't forget to follow for inspiring fashion posts !!!

Afrodite and Laura xoxo

Total denim look

  Hey everybody we are assuming you all have your salala moods on and you are prepared for another fashion related post ! Denim ,denim ,denim is today's subject.So what are you waiting for take out from your wardrobes all the denim clothing you own and create a salala look for yourself!! Remember you don't have to make sure the colour of the denim matches .For example you can wear a dark coloured denim shorts with a light denim shirt and still have mastered the look!! So easy

                          denim shirt: miss selfridge
                          denim shorts: levi's
                          silver necklace : dorothy perkins
                           belt : m&s

                                  Do you need more inspiration? Here we have some outfits from tumblr.

                               xxx from the salala team

Monday, 23 July 2012

New on line finds

 Hello salala people we hope you all had a lovely weekend and  have recovered from your hangovers hah!!Today we will share with you our latest on line finds which have been added to our salala wish list . Laura (a.k.a the 1/2 of the salala team )  prefers on line shopping -well let's rephrase that she has an addiction with on line shopping- and has some advise for all of you :

1) create and use a paypal account for any on line transaction (its the safest way)
2)choose a site that does free delivery and free returns
3)don't start shopping when you are drunk or just bored (experience is talking hah)
4) always check the sale section of a site (you will be surprised with the offers)
5) try and find promotion codes on line ( is ideal for student discounts)
6)check the size conversion button (since american,english and european sizes are different)
                     So here we have a complete outfit with items from our favourite on line shops !!

                                           lovely acid washed jumpsuit from 
                                  find it at:

                                    we absolutely love this statement 'wing on my toe' sandals from
 find it at:

                      a neon yellow colour necklace from will brighten up this and any of your outfits
                                     find it at:

                             stylish clear sunglasses from 
                     find it at:

                       grey washed backpack from
  find it at:$ja=tsid:19906|prd:Hy3bqNL

        Hope you have enjoyed our most recent on line finds and have added some items to your own wishlist !
                                           Thank you so much
                                                                    Laura and Afrodite
                                                                                          known as the SALALA TEAM xxxx