Thursday, 16 May 2013

What I wore today !!

Hey salala viewers Laura here !! So today decided it would be a great opportunity to practise my driving since I haven't  driven for agesssssss.Yes I have past my test but I don't think I am a good enough ha. I avoided the busy motorway and drove along the country side. It was actually  relaxing to see all the different villages ,the green fields and just singing along to my music.I know that Afrodite will have probably spent her day on the beach but hey we can't have everything ,right?! Anywaysss  managed to get some pictures of my outfit before the journey just for you :) Check them out

                     As you can see I decided to wear converse after all instead of my leather oxford shoes:)

jumper : H&M
high waisted jeans : RIVER ISLAND
shirt : M&S

let us know what you did today ha!
loads of xxx
the salala team
afrodite & laura

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

high waisted swimsuits #trendalert

Hey salala viewers Laura here !!! I am so excited my exams are over so hopefully now I will have more time for fashion postssssss !So here I am in the living room with my laptop on my knees blogging along and  dreaming about my summer holidays in Cyprus ,I just can't wait .I have been shopping like crazy lately for colourful outfits and accessories and have realised I need some new swimsuits .You have probably noticed the new craze relating  high waisted bottoms.  At first I just hated them and was like no don't care what big fashion retailers say I still believe they belong to granny's. I tried one the other day and must admit I HAVE TOTALLY changed my mind.They look so feminine and elongate your legs.They remind me a girlie pin up era. Plus they are a good tip for the ladies that are not confident with their tummy area. However they are not ideal for a uniform tan ;) Anyway, I have collected some pictures to see what you think about them .Feel free to comment below.

p.s let's say good luck to Afrodite with her exams she is just starting ha xxx

enjoy the post

                                                    taylor loving the high waisted bottoms look

find similar swimsuits at : ASOS.COM

loads of love from the salala team
Afrodite & Laura

Monday, 15 April 2013


Heyyyy salala viewers we have a refreshing post !!!! Summer time is closer than you think so Afrodite and Laura have gathered the #10musthaves for your holidays. Let's have a look at some pictures !!!

                                                       1.ROUND STATEMENT GLASSES

                                                            2.MAXI SKIRTS

                                                              3.PRINT SHIRTS

                                                                   4.CUT OUT TOPS

                                                             5.LONG EARRINGS

                                                                6.LEOPARD PRINT

                                                              6.HIGH WAISTED SHORTS

                                                                7.CROP TOPS

                                                        8.SANDALS WITH METAL DETAILS

                                                                9.GIRLIE FLORAL DRESSES

                                                           10. RAINBOW NAILS

Sunday, 7 April 2013

one strap heels!! #want

Hey salala people!!! Laura hereee !!! So I have decided to invest in a new pair of shoes since I have been a 'good' girl and havent bought a new pair for over a month (personal record)  Been looking around and I have finally made up my mind.I need , want, have and finally must own a pair of one strap high heels!I bet they are not the most comfortable shoes but hey they just look so cool and elegant.Here we have some pictures .Enjoy:)

Thank you so much 
The salala team
Afrodite and Laura xxx
Pictures taken from tumblr 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Personal Outfit #newin

   Hey salala peopleeeeee Laura here !! My university is closed for Easter holidays (yeahhhh) so have found some time to do a fashion post . I have prepared a personal outfit  just for all of you and includes two of my newest clothing items. I was looking for a flattering pair of high waisted trousers for ages so when I tried these black ones from american apparel I knew I had found the perfect pair. I certainly recommend investing in them !! They elongate your legs and give you a j.lo style bum ha !! Plus you can find them in various colours which is a bonus (I will include a link at the end so you can check it out). Also ,have loads of shirts but loved the loose fit of the one I tried in mango so decided to spoil my self with a new one ha. Let's have a look of some pictures ;)

cream shirt : MANGO   (Press Link for Mango Shirt)
jeans:AMERICAN APPAREL (Press Link for jeans)
glasses: RAY BAN 

Loads of love from the salala team
Afrodite and Laura 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Wish list :waist cuff belt

Hey salala crazy people!!!! Today we will be revealing one of the items that have been in the salala's  wish list for a while : a WAIST CUFF BELT . They are so many variations of it out there: silver, gold ,with spikes etc. They are a massive fashion trend, really flattering , make your waist look tiny plus can be worn day and night if you style your looks accordingly. Here we  have gathered some pictures so you can tell us what you think ha !!!

thank you so much 
we would love to hear what's on your wish list
for now loads of xxx
from the salala team
Afrodite and Laura 
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