Saturday, 28 July 2012

protect your hair

                         protect your hair 

Hello salala people ! We are back with a very useful post.Summer is one of the best season's but what will you do when you gonna see your hair destroyed from the sun? How can you protect them from loosing their natural shine?Here are some products we recommend to you from. We have used them too and they are effective for any kind of hair , long ,short, natural and coloured

most of those products are from schwarzkopf 

A cream fluid to repair sun-stressed hair ends and protect from damage caused by UV rays, salt, sand and chlorine. Provides a brilliant shimmering shine

  • Hair tips are nourished, sealed and protected against UV rays and free radicals
  • Split ends are prevented and combability is improved
  • Hair ends are soft and shiny
price : 15 euro

Introducing BC Sun Protect: now there is a way to enjoy sun-kissed hair all year round
                                                                                            price: 13 euro

bc bonacure sun protect oil :  for intensive nourishment shine and protection 
price : 25 EURO

here are some of the best oils for hair ! they are effective they make your hair shine and they also smell PERFECT!!!

bc miracle oil   
price: 20 euro

this is a small miracle ! kerastase elixir ultimate oil is absolutely unique . it makes your hair extremely shiny and silky 
                                                                                          price : 35 euro 
                                                                                     ALLA AKSIZEI !!!! hehe

laura and afro xxx

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