Saturday, 24 November 2012

red bottom killer

Today we created a post for our devoted salala viewers! It is a little present for you. YES it is a LOUBOUTIN'S day !! We are going to show you some pairs of louboutins and at the same time we will be explaining which type of girl would choose to wear them!

We will start with a classic one. It is usually worn by girls who are elegant   24/7  and don't really experiment with their style . 

 Well this is also a classic design pair but with stud details .A girl that is elegant and at the same time does dare something different will choose something like that !

We continue with some louboutins that you always see on celebs,on tv,on magazines basically everywhere .They are easy to spot cause of their legendary  red bottom shoe.  

The well known to everyone black Christian louboutin heel

The nude one


                                                                       The leopard

 Studs are eveywhere !!  girls that want to be in fashion and follow the trend of each season love them !


chic girls
 We love these FAIRYTALE heels .

                                                                  vintage girls 

 The girls who choose the comfort instead of walking on 16 inches heels (AFRODITE IS definitely one of them) will probably choose something like that

 We were not really sure about them at the start but now we 100% in love with them . Just imagine them  with a tight  pencil skirt  or a classy dress! This is a pair that automatically boosts your confidence

  Some people whould say that this is just a masterpiece and of course we  one of them  . On the other hand we  feel that they should have a special position in  a museum rather than be worn and wasted hah

tres banale  of girls whould choose those heels or killers  

                                                                    clown sneakers

                                             Afrodite just hates these pink studded flat shoes but Laura thinks they are just so cool ahha !! aw wellll the salala team doesn't agree all the time

thank you so much . the salala team xxx


  1. Gosh I'd die to own a pair of these, some classic black with a round or open toe. And the nude/pink ones with the bows on are just stunning too! x
    Just Rach ♥

  2. Love Red Bottom Shoes! Need to get myself a pair of those!