Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New shoes

Hey salala viewers Laura here !! Today have prepared a quick outfit post featuring my new shoes . Have used my phone camera so do apologise in advance for the low quality of pictures hah. One of the good things in working at a shoe shop is that once in a while you get free staff shoes. I could pick any shoe in the store that cost up to £65 for FREE (so a good budget there) . For my winter shoes I always go for something leather and black(waterproof plus don't get so dirty).Thus, these flat court shoes with silver stud details were a perfect choice. The next outfit is actually what I am wearing today: a black & white simple look

                     I usually wear my shirts all buttoned up since it makes any look smart 

leather pu skirt : h&m 
basic white shirt : Marks & Spenser
shoe : 
glasses : ray ban

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Dressing-up a jumper .

it's monday

Here's just a quick outfit we created on polyvore !! The whole idea is to show you that you don't always have to pair an everyday jumper with some jeans and trainers .On the contrary you could easily dress up a jumper with a statement skirt ,high heels and some cool accessories.

chiara ferragni blogger at 'blonde salad' 

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Letterman jackets

 Heyyyyyyyyyyy another 'trend report' is ready ! SALALA is introducing letterman jackets ! We love them cause they are just so easy to style. They used to make an appearance only  in american football movies and glee hah but now they are just everywhere!!Even celebrities are into them .Check out the following for inspiration

taylor swift


                                               As you have realised it's a trend loved by boys and girls !!

                                                      thank you so much the salala team
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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Crosses everywhere

On today's 'trend report' it's all about crosses !! Something that had once only religious purposes now is a fashion statement !We see them on t-shirts, necklaces , nails, bags, shorts . Here we have some photos to be inspired and let us know if YOU love this trend by adding a comment 

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