Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Total denim look

  Hey everybody we are assuming you all have your salala moods on and you are prepared for another fashion related post ! Denim ,denim ,denim is today's subject.So what are you waiting for take out from your wardrobes all the denim clothing you own and create a salala look for yourself!! Remember you don't have to make sure the colour of the denim matches .For example you can wear a dark coloured denim shorts with a light denim shirt and still have mastered the look!! So easy

                          denim shirt: miss selfridge
                          denim shorts: levi's
                          silver necklace : dorothy perkins
                           belt : m&s

                                  Do you need more inspiration? Here we have some outfits from tumblr.

                               xxx from the salala team

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