Thursday, 26 July 2012

Afrodite Vs Laura

    Hey salala viewers today as you have seen from the title the salala team is on a battle!! But the rules are completely unique since it's a style battle!!They will create outfits not for them self but for each other (tricky)  In addition the looks have to reflect the honest perception they have for one another. Let's see what they have come up with .....

                                               LAURA'S OUTFITS FOR AFRODITE 

                This is what Afrodite will usually wear:

           This is what Laura would like to see her wearing : 

Laura's comments: So the first outfit is what Afrodite will usually wear for a drink out in town .She often chooses wide fitted jeans(since she has an amazing collection ) and pairs them with high platform shoes ,white wide fitted tops and simple gold accessories . The main focus of any of her outfits is usually THE BAG !!! I really like this look since it's elegant,simple and feminine without trying too much. However I would really like to see her wearing something more sexy and embracing her amazing hour-glass figure.My inspiration for the second outfit was definitely Kim Kardashian.I have chosen a fitted (yes fitted) white dress and really high Louboutin shoes with studs details (even though I know that she is not fun of statement heels) and have kept the expensive branded bag in the look !!

                                                  AFRODITE'S OUTFITS FOR LAURA 

  This is what Laura will usually wear :   Aww wel lets practise my english ! Laura definitely beats me at that but let's give a tryyyyyyy anyway DAH. Laura has her own special style:she always wears high waisted shorts which suits her well, combined with a short t-shirt ( when she wear this kind of shirts you can not overlook her 4 packs .GOSH AMAZING ) . She prefers big necklaces as they are in fashion the last 2 years ,also she likes a lot golden rings and bracelets( she has unlimited rings and bracelets )Her favourite shoes are the boots of jeffrey cambel yeah I know they are in fashion but excuse me if I do not agree with thattttttt!!!! I like the simple one as the one in the picture ! Finally she likes a lot leather vintages bags and I have to say that this kind of style is very nice but can u imagine me with a short shorts and tshirt ..??? 

This is what Afrodite would like to see her wearing:

Afrodite's comments: Here is a more grown up style that I want to see Laura in. It is obviously out of our daily life as students but when she will grow up it is definitely the best style she would ever have as a business woman !! salalalalala
She has a great figure she is so slim and muscular that this versace dress will suit her absolutely perfect.         ( laura ur favourite dress from versace latest show!) . I know that she loves studs .. so lets put jeffreys campbell studs in those louboutins. Furthermore she is a mulberry lover so that red leather bag will certainly be in her wardrobe in few years!!!!!! Golden rings and necklaces are already her favourites so here we have some more pieces.

laura and afrodite 
hope the best

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