Wednesday, 15 May 2013

high waisted swimsuits #trendalert

Hey salala viewers Laura here !!! I am so excited my exams are over so hopefully now I will have more time for fashion postssssss !So here I am in the living room with my laptop on my knees blogging along and  dreaming about my summer holidays in Cyprus ,I just can't wait .I have been shopping like crazy lately for colourful outfits and accessories and have realised I need some new swimsuits .You have probably noticed the new craze relating  high waisted bottoms.  At first I just hated them and was like no don't care what big fashion retailers say I still believe they belong to granny's. I tried one the other day and must admit I HAVE TOTALLY changed my mind.They look so feminine and elongate your legs.They remind me a girlie pin up era. Plus they are a good tip for the ladies that are not confident with their tummy area. However they are not ideal for a uniform tan ;) Anyway, I have collected some pictures to see what you think about them .Feel free to comment below.

p.s let's say good luck to Afrodite with her exams she is just starting ha xxx

enjoy the post

                                                    taylor loving the high waisted bottoms look

find similar swimsuits at : ASOS.COM

loads of love from the salala team
Afrodite & Laura


  1. great!! xx

  2. hey dear! thx for the visit!
    nice blog!
    great post.. I s2 this kind of bikini.. it's so classic but also sooo sexy!

    follow each other?!


  3. High-waisted swimsuits are all adorable, thanks for sharing ! Looking forward for more updates, I have high-waisted suit like taylor swift polka dots design. Summer is coming again, it's time to go out and wear our fabulous swimsuits .