Monday, 23 July 2012

New on line finds

 Hello salala people we hope you all had a lovely weekend and  have recovered from your hangovers hah!!Today we will share with you our latest on line finds which have been added to our salala wish list . Laura (a.k.a the 1/2 of the salala team )  prefers on line shopping -well let's rephrase that she has an addiction with on line shopping- and has some advise for all of you :

1) create and use a paypal account for any on line transaction (its the safest way)
2)choose a site that does free delivery and free returns
3)don't start shopping when you are drunk or just bored (experience is talking hah)
4) always check the sale section of a site (you will be surprised with the offers)
5) try and find promotion codes on line ( is ideal for student discounts)
6)check the size conversion button (since american,english and european sizes are different)
                     So here we have a complete outfit with items from our favourite on line shops !!

                                           lovely acid washed jumpsuit from 
                                  find it at:

                                    we absolutely love this statement 'wing on my toe' sandals from
 find it at:

                      a neon yellow colour necklace from will brighten up this and any of your outfits
                                     find it at:

                             stylish clear sunglasses from 
                     find it at:

                       grey washed backpack from
  find it at:$ja=tsid:19906|prd:Hy3bqNL

        Hope you have enjoyed our most recent on line finds and have added some items to your own wishlist !
                                           Thank you so much
                                                                    Laura and Afrodite
                                                                                          known as the SALALA TEAM xxxx

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