Monday, 9 July 2012

Oversized shirt

  Hey salala people Afrodite and Laura here !! Today we will focus on how to style an oversized shirt and still look feminine. We have noticed loads of girls just wearing an oversized shirt with black leggings and a pair of trainers which is still a cool and relax look ,but is it girlie enough?Well we think no so as an alternative we recommend a tight fitted vest top ,high waisted shorts, a pair of heels and some cool glasses and  VOUALA you are ready to go!! Laura on the next pictures is showing how to work it   (Afrodite talking:Oh dear hah)

                Here we have some close up pictures of the actual outfit :
                                              skull printed:
                                                           high waisted shorts: topshop
                                                                    metal necklace: dorothy perkins
                                                                             blue vest top :
                                                                                         glasses: rayban 
                                                                                                 bag :radley london



  1. lovely lovely outfit!!!
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    1. followers button activated thank you

  2. We are fixing that ! Thank u a lot ! Hope the best for ur blog like it a lot !!! Laura-afro xoxo