Monday, 9 July 2012

Time to buy some trainers

   Hey salala viewers it's time to talk about shoes and to be specific trainers.Usually the general FASHION rule is 'less is more' however that rule doesn't apply any more for our trainers.'MORE is more' as bright colours,loud prints and different fabrics like suede are all over the new lines.Good news you don't need to put your trainers only to go to the gym (and check out the dudes with the abnormal muscles,don't deny doing it) since you can wear them any time without looking ready to run a marathon!!! 
              Here are some pictures of our favourites designs from Nike 


            On the right side  Nike blazers and on the left side Nike air max 

  Are you still not convinced that those trainers can look fashionable???? Check out the next look Laura has created using polyvore on 

   That's all for now salala from Afrodite and Laura xxx

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