Monday, 9 July 2012

D.I.Y american flag shorts

Hello people today we are going to use our salala attitude to create some awesome d.i.y american flag shorts which is  definitely a must have for this summer. We still don't get how wearing stuff with american flag prints  can be so cool!!  If you think about it it's a country's flag you will never see somebody wearing jeans or tops with the Spanish, Greek or Italian colours but AW WELL we all somehow love it so  let's just get started !!

Things you will need:one pair of shorts or old jeans 
                                  white,red,blue paint
                                  salala attitude 

This is a picture of the shorts Afrodite purchased from h&m sale in order to complete the d.i.y project .Of course you can use old pairs of long or short denim jeans that you have in your closet.(We recommend a light colour of denim)

Now you should cut the shorts in any length you wish without worrying  if the cut is perfectly straight.As you will see Afrodite kept a moderate length if it was done by Laura the bum chicks would be definitely out !

 The excited part is starting .Lye down your shorts and put in between an old magazine in order for the surface of the denim be as flat as possible .Start putting tape to create lines ,you can add as many lines you desire this is all about being as creative as possible .Afterwards just paint on top of the tape lines ,leave the paint to dry and remove tape.Red lines check!
 Continuing with the white lines use again tape though this time put it on top of the already existed red lines and then paint white the denim parts .White lines check!
 Salala the right side of your shorts is officially ready! Moving on with the left side.Proceed by painting all of the left side with blue paint and leave it to dry .A while after create -using the white paint- stars again any size  and as many as you wish .Stars check!

Here we have Afrodite posing with her tanned legs (Laura is jealous hah) the shorts we have created!! You can dress it up with a nice white top,summer high platforms and gold or silver accessories or dress it down using a print top and some converse shoes.
   SALALA people hope you have enjoyed our little d.i.y project we can't wait for your questions and suggestions !! Bye bye for now from Afrodite and Laura xx

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