Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dr.Martens items on our wishlist

Hey Laura here (Afrodite is on holidays yes yes AGAIN hahah )  hope you have your salala attitude on !! So today after having a lovely English breakfast with my pal Becky we went in town for some window shopping (actual shopping will occur after payday).While browsing we realised there is a new  Dr.Martens store in town and obviously we checked it out. Inside is really vintage and has music playing through a jukebox, how cool is that !!After leaving though I realised I should have never been in it since now I really really really really want these shoes and satchel bag .Yes I know,my wish list is getting bigger and bigger....

                                        I just think the studs on these low DrMartens are so cool !!!

              This leather satchel bag will be perfect to carry my laptop and books when uni starts again

                                      payday will come soon :)

 thank you so much the salala team 

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