Friday, 13 July 2012


 Hello salala people here we are again !!Just to inform you our friend Afrodite is in holidays in the lovely greek island of Santorini however she has promised to us loads and loads of pictures with beautiful scenery,summer outfits and shops!!(we can't wait) So today the other half of the salala team has decided to show you off this weeks summer bargains

    Laura has an obsession with skirts(especially mid legth) so her new purchases are of course skirts!!



                             blue high waisted mini skirt: TOPSHOP £5
                             pink waisted skirt: TOPSHOP £15
                             DEFINITELY  a bargain!! 
                             Good news they are still in stock so go on lineee 


              They are just numerous ways to style those two skirts .For the summer time we recommend crop        tops, sandals  and silver or gold accessories.You can even enjoy them in the winter time with black tights,army boots and a leather jacket.


                                        Here are some summer looks we have created for your salala holidays !!


                                                denim top:URBAN OUTFITTERS

                                                       white crop top:TOPSHOP
                                                       collar :D.I.Y (using studs from ebay)

                              thank youuu that's all for today from the salala team AFRODITE AND LAURA 

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