Sunday, 15 July 2012

back from holidays

   Hey Afrodite talking just got back from my holidays in the beautiful  island of Santorini . I loved that place !!!! It was exactly what I expected ... great view from all over the island , clean and beautiful beaches , unbelievable romantic places to walk and very gourmet cuisine .The beautiful place of Oia was breathtaking. It is situated  some kiliometres away from the center of santorini ( fhra ) and it is well known for the possibility to see the whole sunset

               Those pictures can explain what i am trying to say better the night the small village of oia was                       muchhhhhh better !!!!!  

  As you can see it on your own the place was in one word ROMANTIC!!!!

 I will definitely recommend you a trip to Santorini ! Even though it is expensive it is once in a lifetime experience. I will soon post some photos from my camera  !!! LAURA YOU HAVE TO COME !! CLOSE TICKETS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !!!!!

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