Wednesday, 18 July 2012

lets get to know BRUNO

heyyy salala viewers today we gonna present you afrodite's dog  BRUNO!!! Yes we known it is a fashion blog but how can anyone resist to such a cute dog??!?!?
  afrodite talking: i have him for 4 years and i can say that he is the most beautiful dog in the world ... i found him in a petshop and he was begging to hug him from his cage .. he was so cute and as you can imagine i could not resist to him ... he is a lhasa apso dog from tibet . info: Lhasa is the capital of tibet and Apso means guard . WELL lets introduce himmmm....!!!

as you can see he is too hairy but the good is that his hair are not falling all over the house!SO we are not all the day with a vacuum in our hands 

i can also say that he is a glutton dog ... as u can see here he is eating a mandarin ! GOSH !!!

When he sleeps he is a kind of weirdooooooo !!!!!!!!!

look how cute he is ...........!!!!!!!!

here are some outfits of bruno.. here he is dressed a fairy !!!! hahahah

bruno in xmas spirit as reindeerrrr!!!!

here he is sleeping in my hands as a babyyy!!!

hey guys laura talking.. yes i have my own experience with bruno he is the most lovely dog here are some photos with himmmm 

some more photos of bruno ( i have endless pictures of him )

                          i am a dirtyy boyyyy


laura&afrodite xxx

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