Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It is a skirt world

      Hey salala viewers as true fashionistas you must have noticed the latest trend : skirts .All around the shops we see assymetic, dip back,mid length, neon colour and printed skirts. We will help you to follow this trend but within a budget and every item will be LESS THAN £15!!
          Here we have a small collection of mid length skirts from Laura's wardrobe

neon orange skirt: NEW LOOK £15
                            green skirt:  MISS SELFRIDGE £7 
                               pink skirt:  TOPSHOP £15
                                                          pale blue skirt : ASOS.COM £10
                                                                                       As you can see they were all a bargain !!

                     Need help to style them ? Here is some inspiration


                                                                                                         thank you   Salala team
                                                                                                                            Afrodite and Laura xxx

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