Monday, 1 April 2013

Personal Outfit #newin

   Hey salala peopleeeeee Laura here !! My university is closed for Easter holidays (yeahhhh) so have found some time to do a fashion post . I have prepared a personal outfit  just for all of you and includes two of my newest clothing items. I was looking for a flattering pair of high waisted trousers for ages so when I tried these black ones from american apparel I knew I had found the perfect pair. I certainly recommend investing in them !! They elongate your legs and give you a j.lo style bum ha !! Plus you can find them in various colours which is a bonus (I will include a link at the end so you can check it out). Also ,have loads of shirts but loved the loose fit of the one I tried in mango so decided to spoil my self with a new one ha. Let's have a look of some pictures ;)

cream shirt : MANGO   (Press Link for Mango Shirt)
jeans:AMERICAN APPAREL (Press Link for jeans)
glasses: RAY BAN 

Loads of love from the salala team
Afrodite and Laura