Friday, 28 December 2012

Product review !!

Hey salala viewers we hope you are having a great time and enjoying your holidays !!!  Today's post is  a product recommendation. We have noticed that every time we straightened our hair it just lost its volume and looked really dull . Obviously we don't have the luxury to regularly visit a hair saloon and have a professionally done blow-dry. Thus, we decided to look around and we  managed to find the perfect product: 'babyliss big hair' . Laura actually got it as one of her Christmas presents and she hasn't stop using it . The babyliss big hair  just spins(in both directions) around and blasts out warm or cold air and as a result you can dry ,straight and give a natural looking volume to your hair all at onceeeeee!!! Price tag is around to £39,99 or 48,83Euros .Totally worth it


We bet even angelina jolie uses it hahah ;p 

thank you so much the salala team
Afrodite and Laura
are wishing you a happy new year !!!
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  1. Cool product!!
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    1. thank you so muchhh !!!

      yeah definitely 'the salala team' Afrodite and Laura is following you ha!!