Sunday, 16 December 2012


  Hello fashionable salala viewers!!! Yeah we know we haven't done a post for you for a while. We do apologise Afrodite and me have been kinda busy with university essays!! But now we are back and ready   with a new fashion post dedicated to our new brand crush : ACNE . 'Ambition to Create Novel Expressions' a.k.a ACNE  is a Swedish label that now has worldwide success .Acne is well known for the high quality and variation of jeans ,since they saw the market opportunity and filled it with 100 pair of unisex jeans. However the brand has now successfully introduced a women's clothing line that has been seen on loads of celebrities and fashionistas. Every item of the brand looks unique,cool and personal.We have gathered some pictures featuring acne accessories and clothes so you could understand why we love this brand so much!!. Have a look and feel free to add any comments:)

They have so many variations of jumpers.

Acne jeans are really flattering hah

This leather jacket is one of my favourite items of their new collection.

such a cool look featuring an acne jacket

A beautiful acne dress it just flowssss

Greek model Ross Georgiou with acne outerwear

Acne shoes
Acne oversized green jumper
acne look 
acne shoes
acne boot
cool look with an acne jumper and tee
from the fall collection 

A leather jacket from their new collection
Miranda Kerr wearing an acne jumper

thank you so much
xoxo from AFRODITE and LAURA
the salala team

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  1. OH! I have never heard of Acne before- but based on there IIIIIIII like it!! :D I am also your NEWEST follower GFC!

    I hope you can come by my blog and enter my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! I just posted it today, and it's super cute with Hello Kitty, jewelry, inspiration and art! :D I look forward to your visit! and Let me know what you think!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. awwww thank you christine for following back !! you have a great blog and well done for your first giveawayyyy!! we hope you get loads of positive feedback :)

      merry christmas from the salala team xx

  2. Wow these are truly beautiful clothes. I am so glad you did a post on them, I love discovering new labels and fashion designers.

    Ali of:

    1. awww we are glad you liked the post alicia !!!!

      p.s we have something in common :the salala blog is created by two best friends afrodite and laura like yours ;) so we now follow yasss, follow back ?!

      loads of xxx from the salala team

  3. and personal.We have gathered some pictures featuring acne accessories and clothes so you could understand why Manchas na Pele