Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New shoes

Hey salala viewers Laura here !! Today have prepared a quick outfit post featuring my new shoes . Have used my phone camera so do apologise in advance for the low quality of pictures hah. One of the good things in working at a shoe shop is that once in a while you get free staff shoes. I could pick any shoe in the store that cost up to £65 for FREE (so a good budget there) . For my winter shoes I always go for something leather and black(waterproof plus don't get so dirty).Thus, these flat court shoes with silver stud details were a perfect choice. The next outfit is actually what I am wearing today: a black & white simple look

                     I usually wear my shirts all buttoned up since it makes any look smart 

leather pu skirt : h&m 
basic white shirt : Marks & Spenser
shoe : 
glasses : ray ban

                      thank you for reading
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