Thursday, 18 October 2012

My nike collection !

We bet that each of our salala viewers has at least ONE pair of Nike shoes. Afrodite here people! I usually rely on my Nikes since wake up 10 minutes before everything university,rendezvous,gym sessions so my alarm clock is  basically USELESS . Thus, in  10 minutes I dont have much time to be creative with my outfit .I end up wearing a basic t-shirt ,a track suit and of course my nikes (okay must admit sometimes I go for some all stars but we are talking about nikes here hah!) Here are some pairs that have a good position in my wardrobe until present! ( you will see that some pairs have been worn more than others)

 I will start from my most recent purchase : my new air max .  Might be a silly question but do you know what they actually have in their soles ? Love the colour and the fact that they make me look taller true p.s Don't recommend them for gym

Now lets introduce you to the best nikes ever  free run 3.0 .My mother brought them one morning with a smile in her face  Afrodite look what I bought !!! At first I didn't like them at all  but when I worn them my opinion immediately changed. .They are so soft, so comfortable that is impossible to hate them.Well these ones I absolutely recommend them for the gym 

 Another pair of oldies  air max  . what I really like at them is the watermelon colour .Must admit they are not very comfortable and not suitable for long running sessions 

my classic millenium shoes

Here we have my 2004's handmade air . I have ordered them on-line from america .I personalised them by  choosing the colour, the hight of the sole and by adding my name !! HOW COOL IS THAT ?

I have them in 3 colours and they were my first ever purchase with my own money when I was 13 

the salala team xxx

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