Friday, 21 September 2012

Window shopping !!!

Hey salala viewers we bet that you all love some window shopping !! The most annoying thing is that when you don't have the money (pay-day only a week away hurray ) you always see something that you desperately want and when eventually you can afford some cheeky shopping you just can't find anything hah. Well today we have some pictures from our window shopping however we must admit at the moment even after pay day we are not able to purchase some of those items but in the future we might might might might do !!!! I mean a degree in International Studies and Economics will bring us closer to those price tags right? We can only hope

                                              Christian Louboutin we just adore them

                       These sparkly jeffrey campbell shoes will make any outfit immediately GLAM

   This is definitely a statement dress (and has the neon details which is one of the latest trend) however the price tag  was  £900 !!!!!

 Here we have a lovely selection of the authentic leather Cambridge bags .So many colours!

                                   These Alexander Mcqueen silver accessories are just so cool

                                              Just a timeless Givenchy bag

                                thank you so much
                               the salala team


  1. wow wow wow!!!polu omorfa!!!
    twra anakalupsa t blog s einai polu wraio!!!
    auto einai k t diko mou blog ri3tou mia matia an theleis!!!:)

  2. yeah we will definitely have a look sylvie!!!

    from the salala team loads of xxx