Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Time to show off your BRAS !!!!

Hey salala viewers !! I am actually excited about today's trend report post .All girls know that for every outfit you have to wear the appropriate colour plus shape of bra in order to be not seen.Well good news you don't longer have to be vary with what type of bra you have to choose since the latest trend is  bras and bralet tops with studs,sparkles and various patterns that have to be worn to be definitely seen.Thus your undergarments can be an additional accessory in your outfits.The following pictures will help you to achieve this trend without looking trashy.

                                                                fashion blogger kenza 

                                                    fashion blogger sietske l

        style tip:  So go go go and get  a statement bra or just embellished one yourself  with studs ,pair it with a wide fitted top or a see through garment and you are ready !!!!

                                           thank you so much
                                             the salala team
                                            Afrodite and Laura

                                                                                          pictures taken from tumblr