Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Time to decorate!!!

   Salala people we have decided to create a post dedicated to interior design and decoration !! As true fashionistas you have to be creative not only with your clothes,shoes and accessories but with your own personal space. We will convince you that you don't have to be a professional decorator in order to have a unique room or house !The only thing you need is some imagination so let's have a look in some inspiring ideas.

 We bet you have some lovely items in your wardrobe so why not use them as a room accessory by placing them on a metal clothes rail 

 Do you have some hangers and old magazines that you just don't know what to do ? Well just pick a wall in your house and create a unique display 

 You want to put a quote in your room that will inspire you every day ? Then avoid paint and just use old magazines and outline the letters for the phrase you want to create . It will certainly be a vocal point in your room.

 Give to an  old window shutter a whole new meaning by painting it and using it as a display for photographs and cards

 Don't hind your pictures in an old album . Embrace your memories by displaying them across your walls

                                               Books always look cool as a shelf 

                                    Want an easy update ? Do it by painting dots of various sizes 

                     So then go and decorate !!!
                  thank you the salala team

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