Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New stud jumper !!!

Hey salala viewers Laura talking here !!!! This post is dedicated to one of my new favourite clothing items !!I am definitely not a rock chic however for some weird reason I just love love love love studs in shoes, clothes and accessories . This is why I just had to have this jumper . I think that the pink colour makes it girlie and  on the other hand the studs at the shoulders edgy and cool !! Soon I will post some outfit suggestions too!!!!

     little note: I know Afrodite you are not a major stud fun but you must admit you could easily wear this jumper haha !!!

 thank you
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  1. I think this would look great with some black leather leggings and nude pumps or ripped denim shorts and biker boots! love the sweater!

    1. thank you !!! ;D
      YOUR look suggestions are great!!! xxxx
      I was thinking with a leather a-line black skirt,black tights, black heeled shoes and a collared shirt inside
      a high waisted denim jeans with black boots and a white collared shirt inside again

  2. sounds great !!looking forward to seeing it in pics!