Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What we have bought

Heyyy salala viewers Laura here !What's the point buying something if you can't show it off !! Right ? So this is what you would have found in my shopping bags this week

      I have never been a massive fun of toms but do really like the ones I bought for my mum (white lace) and my younger brother (blue canvas) from .I might even treat my self to a pair next week since they are really really really comfortable.

I am going to wear this lovely atmosphere summer blouse with silver earrings , white high waisted shorts and high heels or flat silver sandals .

I have been addicted to my silver dorothy perkins necklace so I decided to buy a new gold one from primark  just for a change .

                    I love this bright colour glasses and can't wait to wear them while chilling on the sea.

I was looking for ages for a sand colour high waisted shorts and found this ones from H&M .And guess what ? BARGAIN ALERT IN ON  since they only cost £4

 thank you so much
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