Saturday, 21 July 2012

lindsey wixson

Yes we admit it .. we love her !! she is certainly one of  the best models the last 2 years.What makes her so unique are  her strange features.. her juicy lips and her fluffy cheeks with one mark on her left one and her sparse teeth  makes her extremely gorgeous and at the same time one of a kind ! the fashion industry has shown us once again that it has been bored of common beauty and that it searches for  new fresh people like lindsey . She is only 18 years old but she has already made an empire in the fashion industry .We have seen her opening all the great shows such as :  zac posen, mulberry,alexander mqueen etc  

lindsey wixson for terry richardson :

so do you find her as unique as we find her ? afro -laura xxx

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  1. Yes, she is definitely unique with those doll like lips as well as that large gap in between her teeth and soft, pretty eyes... but do these unique features necessarily make you beautiful? I think that question is up to the viewer and what they consider unique and beautiful.

    On another note, I must say that in images 3 and 4, her eye make up is undeniably great! :D